Allen David Aardsma has been enthralled with nature since his earliest childhood.
His youth was happily spent roaming the woods and fields wherever he lived — and his family moved every couple years while he was growing up — learning first-hand all he could about all aspects of nature. He began making serious pencil drawings of wildlife in fourth grade, and started sculpting birds and animals in clay and wood as an 11-year-old.

Looking back over more than half a century of producing wildlife art, he finds that, as a woodcarver, he has fulfilled orders for over 700 customers — carving around 3,000 “critters” including more than two dozen species of mammals, over 100 species of birds, as well as a quite a few different kinds of fish, amphibians and reptiles.

Though he has also produced many scores of power tool carvings, he calls his preferred style of carving “Pocketknife Carving”, since, originally, he used nothing but a Buck 307 Jackknife. He still proudly carves with the original Buck 307 he traded a rifle scope for around 1972, but has also been using a replaceable-blade Warren Cutlery knife for small detail work for the past many years. Sandpaper is never used on his pocketknife carvings. Instead, Mr. Aardsma’s pocketknife carvings display a distinct, attractive, multi- faceted surface created by the razor-sharp knives as they remove wood chips, big or small.  It usually takes four days of carving and three days of painting for him to complete a project. Mr. Aardsma’s style of painting is a layered, water-color technique, which gives his carvings a warm, soft, realistic look.

Except for the attractive driftwood bases they are mounted on, his pocketknife carvings are all hand-made, including the eyes, legs, and any accessories, like bugs, seeds, or berries.

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