Cape May Warbler

Yellow Shafted Flicker

Allen D. Aardsma is a wildlife artist. Some of his earliest memories are of drawing and painting birds and animals. His passion for “critters” became the foundation of a lifetime of carving three-dimensional models of wildlife in wood when, in 1963, his father gave him a small penknife.

 Though most of the more than twenty-five hundred birds and animals he has carved have been what he calls “Pocketknife Carvings” - a technique he excels at and particularly enjoys - he is also a master Powertool carver.

All of his Pocketknife carvings have been made with only a Buck 307 jackknife and a Warren knife. No sandpaper is ever used. He hand paints his carvings with an acrylic gouache then mounts them on attractive pieces of Adirondack driftwood to be sold to customers around the world. In tribute to The Master Artist, he likes to say to customers, “The carving is free, but the driftwood will cost you.”

 Allen portrays any species he is carving as realistically as he can, and each piece bears his unique and recognizable style.

 A resident of the Adirondacks for most of his life, Mr. Aardsma and his family currently live in Jay, NY, where his Pondside Studio is located.

More information can be learned about A.D.Aardsma and his artwork by visiting his website:

About the Artist

Baltimore Oriole

Allen D. Aardsma     Wood Sculpting