Pick up of Exhibited Work

May 26-31

Daily 11am-6pm

(We will be open Tuesday, May 30th)

Sunday 11am-4pm

If unable to pick up work on the scheduled days,

please email us at northwindfinearts@gmail.com

or call (518) 354-1875

during business hours.

NorthWind Fine Arts Gallery
4th Annual Juried Art Exhibit

 Judging results:

1st Place - Jeanne Danforth

2nd Place - Susan Hoffer

3rd Place - Edith Urban

Honorable Mentions:

Marion Kratky

Carl Rubino

Anne Heinz

Judith Utter


Thank you to All Artists who participated in the show!

Works selected for this year’s show:

1. Jim Abendroth, “Low Tide on Cape Cod Bay”

2. Steve Auger, “Norman Ridge Milky Way”

3. Nancy Austin, “Lake Colors”

4. Nancy Austin, “Echoes”

5. Kay Best, “Home Shadows”

6. Trisha Best, “Blue Nova”

7. Trisha Best, “Sunspots”

8. Mary Jean Bland, “Swamp Candles”

9. Joanne Smith Bodnar, “Stepping Out”

10. Joanne Smith Bodnar, “Fireflies”

11. Karla Brieant, “The Secret Garden”

12. Karla Brieant, “A Morning in May”

13. Nancey Brackett, “Peacock Inlay Cuff”

14. Nancey Brackett, “Dalmatian and Dinosaur”

15. James Bullard, “Ice Pattern”

16. Gharan Burton, “S=ASID=”

17. Gharan Burton, “First Fruit”

18. Sharon Carey, “Great Grey Wisdom”

19. Marie Cogar, “Crystal Blue Waltz”

20. Jordan Craig, “Moonlit Saranac Lake”

21. Jordan Craig, “Adirondack Picnic”

22. Ruth Crotty, “Shady Corner of the Garden”

23. Lauren Dean-Cook, “Gourmet”

24. Suzanne Doin, “Sanctuary”

25. Jeanne L. Danforth, “Goldilocks-Daffodils in Black and White”

26. Jeanne L. Danforth, “Where the Bridge Once Was—Chateaugay”

27. Ed Donnelly, “Merganser Chick”

28. Audrey Emerson, “The Beaver”

29. Nancy Gonyea, “Tea House”

30. Judy Guglielmo, “Fall’s Forest”

31. Genna Hartung, “Norman Ridge Highlight’

32. Genna Hartung, “Serenity”

33. Russ Hartung, “Second Beach—Olympic National Park”

34. Ann Haskell, “A Feathered Nest”

35. Anne Heinz, “Floating on Stony Creek”

36. Anne Heinz, “Tree Bark”

37. Sandra Hildreth, “Spectacle Brook”

38. Sandra Hildreth, “Embrace”

39. Susan Hoffer, “We’re Still Here #6”

40. Stephen Horne, “Mira Bay”

41. Stephen Horne, “Wild Cove III”

42. Amanda Howell, “The Forgotten”

43. M.C. Huskie, “Who Are We”

44. France Jauron, “Tree Bark on Jay Mountain”

45. Charles Jessie, “Glass and Antler Coffee Table”

46. Mary Woodcock Johnson, “Stone Soup”

47. Marion L. Kratky, “Paul Smith’s VIC Boardwalk”

48. Marion L. Kratky, “Afternoon Light—Rte 73 South”

49. Annoel Krider, “Lost Connection”

50. Gary Larsen, “Abandoned by the Tide”

51. Ronald Larsen, “Spring Green”

52. Denise Leavitt, “Lovely, Dark and Deep”

53. Merrill Leavitt, “Canada Goose”

54. Merrill Leavitt, “American Eagle”

55. Diane E. Leifheit, “View from the Pumpkin Patch”

56. Barry Lobdell, “Sunflower”

57. Barry Lobdell, “Jones Pond Shoreline”

58. Lynn Manning, “Fit to be Tied”

59. Lynda Naske, “High Noon at Three Forks

60. Windsop James W. Newman, “The Blue Vase”

61. Dawn Ogrodnik, “The Thaw”

62. John Omohundro, “Self-Portrait with Ancient Pine”

63. Burdette Parks, “Claiming June”

64. Larry Poole, “Window Shopping”

65. Larry Poole, “Peppers”

66. Flossy Powell, “You’re so Cute!”

67. Anne Ray, “Avian Fisherman”

68. Anne Ray, “Grand Bay Sunset”

69. Carl Rubino, “Dancing Warrior Frozen in Ice”

70. Andrew Schuster, “Vase, Wood-Fired”

71. Andrew Schuster, “Covered Jar”

72. Edith Urban, “Thistles”

73. Judith Utter, “American Crow”

74. Judith Utter, “Songbirds”

75. Peter van Dien, “Majestic”

76. Catherine LaPointe Vollmer, “St. Lawrence Power and Equipment Museum”

77. Karen Weinkauf, “The Befuddled Bear #5”

78. Craig Wood, “Come On!”

79. Jeri Wright, “Morning in the Mist”

80. Jeri Wright, “Chimneys”

81. Louisa Austin Wright, “Take Me There”

82. Janet Marie Yeates, “Upper Complex II, Great Camp Sagamore”