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Witch Hobble, Watercolor

Bosmina, Colored Pencil Drawing

                on Matte Film

Barnum Brook, Oil on Canvas

Bladderwort, Colored Pencil Drawing

                     on Matte Film

About the Artist

      Lee Ann Sporn was born and raised in Independence, Missouri but has lived in New York State for her entire adult life.  She attended the University of Rochester, and received a Ph.D. in molecular toxicology in 1987.  She then embarked in a decade-long career as a biomedical researcher.  What is glaringly absent in Lee Ann’s formal education is any training, whatsoever, in the arts. 
      In 1999, Lee Ann moved to the Adirondacks for a change of pace.  She began teaching biology at Paul Smith’s College, which got her out of the laboratory and in to the woods!  Fascinated by the extraordinary visual images of the natural world that surrounded her, and by the emerging artistic talents of her children, she decided to give painting a whirl.  She began by working in watercolor, painting local flora and fauna in a scientific, illustrative style.  She now enjoys painting in oil, and most recently is experimenting with abstraction using encaustics.  
      A decade ago, Lee Ann would never have guessed that she would be exhibiting work in a gallery.  She feels that her unusual background allows her to view the natural world in a unique and delightful way, and is thrilled that she has found a way to share this experience through her art. 

Lee Ann Sporn  Colored Pencil, Oil, Multi Media