I have loved photography since the first Kodak Brownie camera I got as a kid. My main interest is in landscape and nature photography. My side interest is photographing Track and Field as I follow the career of my daughter who is a professional track athlete.

My favorite landscape and natural subject is the Adirondacks. This started when I used to come to the area for Boy Scout camp as a kid and continued as we vacationed on Lake Champlain at my grandfather’s camp throughout my teens. Now, living here full time, I am glad to have my favorite subject so close at hand.

I am very excited about recently becoming a member of the Northwind Fine Arts Gallery and the opportunity to collaborate with and be continually inspired by the work of an excellent group of artists.

I continue to read about and absorb the work of other photographers and artists, in an effort to bring my visions to print. I look forward to finding those photos that capture either a fleeting moment in time, or a vision that might otherwise be missed.                                                             


From Wilmington Bridge


Red Berry Blizzard




Maple Tree and Bench


About the Artist

Russ Hartung    Photography


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